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Madurai Farm for Sale

142 Acres of Plantations & Farmland with Excellent Infrastucture
Currently available for Sale

Fully developed farm available for immediate sale. This 142 acre farm has improved land acreages with high water availability which is suitable for several seasonal and long term crops.

Family ownership allows for quick decisions and clear paperwork for a rapid transaction.

This is a great window of opportunity for all agriculturists!
Key Features

  • Working farm with track record of several profitable cash crops and long term horticulture cultivation.
  • Large uninterrupted land mass for contiguous cultivation and management.
  •  Perennial and plenty of ground water. Multiple seasonal water bodies on-site and in immediate vicinity.
  • Ready access to local farm labour.
  • Significant farm mechanization for efficient operations.
  • Large, modern farm house for owner including Farm Manager accommodations and Offices.

About This Farm

The farm is located about 60 Kms from Madurai. Direct highway road access from Madurai and Trichy is available to the village and the tar roads are present ll the way to the farm gate. Farmlands is surrounded by smaller cultivation and virgin forests. Over the years, the land has been significantly improved and leveled for cultivation purposes. About 100 acres of the total acres is currently cultivated with various standing crops.

Over 100 acres for current cultivation include both perennial and short term crops like 9000 High Density Mango trees, 5000 Melia Dubia trees and 1000 Moringa trees. Several acres of Amla, Coconut, Cashew,  trees are available. Cash crops like Watermelon, Maize & Millets and Fresh Vegetables are grown annually.

Recent infrastructure upgrades include nine 3 phase power connection to power over 95 acres of efficient drip irrigation. With over 4 Lakh liters capacity of water storage and 3 solar pump sets, the farm is very self sufficient. Farm mechanization is available on-site including tractors, trailers, brush cutters and chaff cutters for animal husbandry operations.

Current Crops & Activities

Details on standing cultivation, seasonal crops and other activities being successfully performed at the farm.

Available Infrastructure

Details on available infrastructure for farming activities including irrigation, storage, mechanization and on-site accommodations.

For Potential Buyers

Opportunities for private or corporate buyers for further development and key advantages with this farm.